Technology Shifting Teaching Methods

With more public schools issuing laptops, chromebooks, and iPads, teaching methods are steadily changing. Teachers are reporting that instead of “holding court” in front of the classroom, they are slowly becoming more of a coach like figure instead. The incorporation of multimedia in the classes helps teachers focus more on individual student attention rather than group learning or teaching. The multimedia makes it easier for teachers to reach each student because they can keep tabs on how they are progressing overall. When a student is struggling with a particular lesson or chapter, teachers are notified via their smart tool. What teachers love most about the multimedia in the classroom is that that they no longer have to rely on outdated textbooks. 

Instead of teaching the same material year after year, teachers are enabled to teach students new information and material. They can even create their own curriculum for each particular class that they teach. This tailors learning to particulars students and classes which makes it an overall better learning environment. Now it is no longer a boring forty minute lecture that ends with a worksheet and gives no true sign of if the class is understanding the course work and material. Instead students learn on several different platforms from youtube, to blogs, and even educational games. This makes the learning environment one that is much more pleasing and that is hard to recognize form the past. 

This new multimedia technology is also innovating the way teachers can help students out of school. New learning platforms such as blackboard and moodle make it possible for students to contact teachers for help outside of the school building. Not just can they seek help from teachers, they can also seek help from fellow classmates on homework and tests. If there is a problem with a particular question, students have the capability of logging into their online learning platform and looking at the exact problem their friend is having trouble with. Its making a larger learning community that fosters help all around the classroom. Teachers are seeing a giant shift in roles from being the lone purveyor of information to obtaining the new role of facilitator, guide, and coach. 

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