Benefits Using Multimedia in the Classroom

While there have been both negative and positive reports of multimedia in the classroom, science and research is tending to side with the good reports. Many research projects have been conducted to figure out what the advantage of multimedia actually is. What many of them have found is that multimedia can stimulate more than one sense at a time. Since it can stimulate more than one sense at a time, researchers have found that there is more attention getting and attention holding with multimedia than in the normal class without it. There is a vast amount of evidence that supports the effectiveness of info technology-assisted project based learning. When there is multimedia in the classroom students have been found to learn more and retain more of the knowledge in their lessons. 

The other huge advantage of using technology in the classrooms is that it is better preparing students for their future. There has been a lot of talk about the fact that America is behind many other countries in schooling. We lack in performance in specific areas, but what many people do not talk about is that we are much less tech savvy than other countries as well. Adding multimedia to the class will not just help our students learn better and catch up to other countries in the grade book, but it will also be an asset into catching up to other countries uses of technology. We need our students to be as prepared for the real world as possible, and adding technology to the class is the first step. Children need to be used to using equipment that they will be using for the rest of their lives. 

Multimedia provides students with opportunities to represent and express their prior knowledge. Teachers have said that using technology allows students to act as designers, using tools for analyzing the world. This helps student access and interpret information and organize their personal knowledge. The biggest part about multimedia is that it fosters engagement in the classroom that provides valuable learning opportunities that are often missed without it. 

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